Beautiful Brunch

Make the best-ever smoked salmon bagel with help from John Cross Fisheries. Styled alongside Rachel Watson and Dave Weidner for the Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine Sept. 2018 issue.

Just Saying Hi

While editor of Taste of Home, I had the privilege to guide the team serving up an ongoing supply of original food and lifestyle material for the flagship (6 issues/year) and special interest magazines (30+ issues/year). This content fueled passion and trust for an iconic, one-of-a-kind brand among an audience of 2.2 million readers.

A Sweet-Tart Road Trip

I hopped in a Jeep with Taste of Home photographer Jim Wieland and set stylist DeeDee Jacq on a fall adventure deep in Wisconsin’s cranberry country. From the Taste of Home September/October 2015 issue.

Summer Bucket List

Ah, a juicy team brainstorm. Even more invigorating and refreshing than a summer thunderstorm! Headline and display copy jam-sessions are at their very best when edit and art teams discover language that fits together like a puzzle and makes the reader feel your intent. Here’s one of my favorites from my time as editor at Taste of Home. First published in the Summer 2018 issue.

Northern Michigan Food Finds

Irresistible discoveries Traverse Magazine Food & Drink Editor Tim Tebeau and I made across the great north, including a pistachio baklava we drove hours to get. From the Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine March 2019 issue.

Phil Nowicki’s World-Record Sausage

On a hot Lake Huron night, a gutsy 20-year-old set out to create a meat marvel unlike any the world had ever seen. First published in Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine, August 2007.

Michiganders are Potato Proud

I dialed in this recipe using 99% grown- or made-in-Michigan ingredients over a course of several nights. My husband Andy taste-tested. To balance all that glorious Pinconning cheese, I roasted broccoli on the side. Every bite of this crispy, melty dish sings of the land it comes from: the good ol’ mitten state. First published in Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine November 2018 issue, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Mom’s Chicken

While I was editor at Taste of Home, we recruited staffers to share their mom’s recipes for a Mother’s Day themed feature. Without consulting each other, these guys all raved out their mom’s famous chicken. Rather than choose one, we leaned into it, and made four moms very proud. First published in the April/May 2018 issue.

Mollie Rogers at Chimney Corners

Mollie’s humor, grace and immediacy make her a dear kitchen confidant, and her very personal collection of recipes is the kind you can snuggle in with and read like a novel. From the July 2010 Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

We So Corny

Once or twice a year the word nerds working on the flagship magazine at Taste of Home allowed ourselves a little overindulgence in puns. From Taste of Home’s Summer 2017 issue.