Traverse Magazine

Beautiful Brunch

Make the best-ever smoked salmon bagel with help from John Cross Fisheries. Styled alongside Rachel Watson and Dave Weidner for the Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine Sept. 2018 issue.

Grand Marais, Eh

Quirky, quiet and exquisitely beautiful, Michigan’s out-of-the-way oasis on the shore of Lake Superior has it all. From the August 2008 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

Northern Michigan Food Finds

Irresistible discoveries Traverse Magazine Food & Drink Editor Tim Tebeau and I made across the great north, including a pistachio baklava we drove hours to get. From the Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine March 2019 issue.

Phil Nowicki’s World-Record Sausage

On a hot Lake Huron night, a gutsy 20-year-old set out to create a meat marvel unlike any the world had ever seen. First published in Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine, August 2007.

Farmer Christmas

Oh, what fun it is to go on assignments like these. Profile of forester and Christmas tree farmer Keith Martell published in the Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine December 2019 issue.

Michiganders are Potato Proud

I dialed in this recipe using 99% grown- or made-in-Michigan ingredients over a course of several nights. My husband Andy taste-tested. To balance all that glorious Pinconning cheese, I roasted broccoli on the side. Every bite of this crispy, melty dish sings of the land it comes from: the good ol’ mitten state. First published in Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine November 2018 issue, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Mollie Rogers at Chimney Corners

Mollie’s humor, grace and immediacy make her a dear kitchen confidant, and her very personal collection of recipes is the kind you can snuggle in with and read like a novel. From the July 2010 Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

Pride & Preservation

The final page of a magazine is special…I always think of it as your last impression or a kiss goodnight. Here’s a gorgeous moment to pause and prize the beauty of Northern Michigan, and a seamless way to encourage sharing in and protecting the places we love.

Iron Mountain Italian

Come away to the western edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to a faraway land of tremendous pines, abandoned mines and abundant Italian food. First published in Traverse Magazine’s April 2008 issue.

Jim’s Joint

The only thing better than phenomenal barbecue is phenomenal barbecue smoked and served up by the kind human beings at Jim’s Joint in Honor, Michigan.